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1. Sugar– If you’ve ever made muffins that have sunken in the middle and have a chewy top around the edge, too much sugar is most likely the culprit. Not enough sugar and, well… they won’t be sweet.
2. Flour– Too much flour and muffins will be too dense. Adding more flour can also help add some height to your muffin though.
3. Oil– Adding too much oil will make a greasy muffin. Oil stays liquid at room temp which means that it keeps your muffin moist, so make sure you have enough.
4. Baking powder– Don’t think you can just add more baking powder to make your muffins taller. If the batter isn’t thick enough, it will just cause them to spread so you have wide, flat-topped muffins.
5. Sour Cream– Sour cream enhances the texture of the muffin and also adds flavor. Adding sour cream helps to add thickness to the batter without having to add extra flour. You can also use yogurt for the same effect.
6. Temperatures– The temperature affects the rise and bake time of the muffin. Baking at 400ºF will give your muffin a good rise so you’ll have nice tall muffins, but they might get too brown. Baking at 350ºF will give you shorter muffins that don’t brown. We liked 375ºF the best for tall, golden brown muffins.
7. TheBlueberries– Fresh blueberries are, of course, the best. You can use frozen though too, which is what I did for all of the experimentation. Frozen blueberries will increase bake time and may reduce the rise of the the muffin. I like to reserve some of the berries to press into the tops so they’re visisble.
8. Filling the tin– If your batter is thick enough, you should be able to fill the muffin tin to the very top. As the muffin rises, it will produce a tall crown that creeps over the edges, creating that familiar muffin top that we know and love. If your batter is too thin and you attempt to fill the muffin all the way, it will just run all over the place and will stick to the pan.
source:  yammiesnoshery

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