Vegan Caramel


Vegan Caramel


1 cup margarine*

2 cups sugar

2 cups soy milk

1 cup light corn syrup

1 t vanilla

*Optional: Add 1 tsp salt if using unsalted margarine


  • Grease and line with parchment a 8 inch x 8 inch baking pan.
  • Place all ingredients (except vanilla) in a large saucepan (4qt minimum capacity.)
  • Bring ingredients to a boil stirring often.
  • Cook over medium heat while stirring until candy reaches 245 degrees F.
  • Remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Pour into lined baking pan.
  • Allow to cool completely. Snip into pieces using clean kitchen shears (or slice with a knife). Wrap individually with waxed or parchment paper. Makes ~100 pieces
  • Variation: Cook to 230 degrees F and add vanilla. Pour into a glass jar. Warm jar in a pan of hot water before pouring over ice cream or cake.

source: grouprecipes


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